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The Soil Mixer EM 6012

The task of the soil mixer EM 6012 is to mix various components into a soil which meets the needs of the plants. Whereas all common kinds of substrate and fertilizer can be used. As an option a moistening system is available. It can be installed in order to moisten the soil before it is discharged.The open soil hopper of the soil mixer can easily be filled from three sides by means of a shovel loader or a wheelbarrow.The machine can also be used as an additional soil hopper or as a filling machine for containers and polybags.

Mixing volume2 m³
Min. dimensions300 x 1.90 x 2.20 m
Max. dimensions3.70 x 1.90 x 2.45 m
Weight1,380 kg
AccessoriesWatering device with ball tap/ with magnetic valve / by means of a time relay, heavy-duty execution for extreme soils with heavy-duty motor, transport handle, rear guide rollers (reinforced), emptying control with laser light sensor, emptying control via pedal switch

The big bale breaker BZ 6160

The big bale breaker BZ 6160

The special ergonomic design of the Mayer big bale breaker facilitates efficient handling. A simple manual lift can be used for loading it with conventional big bales. After removing the protective sheeting from the bale, the hopper can be tilted into the dosing position by means of the integrated hydraulic system. Using a manual lift it is easy to move the machine into the desired position. The chassis is equipped with solid rubber tires. Using a hopper extension, the basic model big bale breaker can take even larger bales up to 2,70 m high.
Big bale dimensions0.80 x 1.20 x 2.25 m
with hopper extensionup to 2.70 m height
Transport dimensions3.30 x 1.69 x 2.20 m
Height in loading position2.48 m
Weight1,100 kg
AccessoriesAutomatic watering assembly, extension sheets, heavy duty chassis, drawbar coupling, transport handle with wheels, retaining sheet for operating the machine at half bale height, stainless steel chains, kit for orchid soil


The bale breaker BZ 6030

The bale breaker BZ 6030

For professional preparation of small bales we supply the Mayer bale breaker BZ 6030: this mobile machine offers optimum working efficiency coupled with excellent, easy handling and maximum operating safety.Small bales are processed gently into homogeneous substrate of almost original structure.
Bale dimensionsall commercial bales up to 300 l
Outputapprox. 30-35 bales at 300 l / hour
Transport dimensions2.70 x 1.05 x 2.10 m
Weight370 kg
AccessoriesManual or automatic moisturising system, automatic filling height control in the soil hopper of the connected machine via optical level adjustment, etc.