Basic potting machine.

The potting machine can be fitted with a tray dispenser and pot dispensers. The potting machine is used for loading and filling of pots and stacking of the filled pot holders. Dispensers and drilling unit are designed for different types of pots. For example, round, molded pots, thermoformed pots, Jiffy pots and square molded pots.
The potting machine has a large capacity and is designed as a compact and work-friendly unit. Soil is added to the potting machine from, for example a soil mixer or other equipment which automatically leads the soil forward to the potting machine’s reservoir.
The standard potting machine is designed for the handling of 3 dispensers. 1 tray dispenser and 2 pot dispensers. The standard potting machine is designed so that trays and pots are fed from the left side of the machine, and the filled pots / trays delivered to the right. The potting machine can also be supplied reversed.